Red dates and Osmanthus Jelly

3 Red dates and Osmanthus Jelly

Try out this efreshing Red dates and osmanthus jelly recipe.

Product of Taikoo Sugar:

Taikoo Date Slab Sugar


Taikoo date slab sugar (100g)

Hot water (250ml)

Dried osmanthus (1 tbsp)

Wolfberries (1 tbsp)

Gelatin powder (30g)

Cold water (200ml)



  1. Soak wolfberries in cold water for a few mins and then pat dry.
  2. Gently boil Taikoo Date Slab Sugar in hot water under low heat for 5 mins. Syrup is ready when sugar dissolves.
  3. Add dried osmanthus and wolfberries into the syrup and cover with lid on for 5 mins.
  4. Place gelatin powder in cold water and stir until powder dissolves. Set aside
  5. Combine all the ingredients together and pour over jelly mould. Refrigerate until jelly is set.


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