Red Date Jelly

1 Red Date Jelly

Enjoy the traditional Chinese dessert red date jelly

Product of Taikoo Sugar:

Taikoo Date and Pepper Red Sugar


De-seed red dates (50 g)
Taikoo Date and Pepper Red Sugar (3 tbsp)
Water chestnut flour (80 g)
Glutinous rice flour (18 g)
Water (225 ml)


  1. Soak red dates in water until it softens.  Make date juice by simply adding softened dates and 225ml into the blender.
  2. Pour date juice into a large bowl, then add in Taikoo date and pepper red sugar , waterchestnut flour, and glutinous rice flour. Mix well until ingredients fully dissolved.
  3. Pour date batter into a glass container then place it in a steam and let it steam for 3 minutes in high heat.

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