Our Quality

Quality Control

Taikoo Sugar has set up a strict and comprehensive quality control system. Every step in the production process from raw material sourcing, production, plant environment control to finished product storage, are all well monitored.

Raw Materials

All raw materials are directly sourced from qualified suppliers by Taikoo Sugar in order to ensure its consistency and quality. Every incoming batch of raw materials must have a valid ‘Certificate of Analysis’ to certify the compliance to relevant national and trade standards. All auxiliary materials used in production must also comply with relevant national, industry and trade standards.


All our factories are qualified with valid local food factory licenses issued by local authorities. Over the production process, semi-finished products are tested periodically. Finished products must pass various tests (including weight, seal integrity, humidity, sterility and chemical composition tests) prior to being approved. Every single finished product must also show all important information such production date so that its source can always be traced. To ensure that all products comply with relevant standards, samples of our finished products are periodically drawn and tested by the nationally recognised National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and China Sugar Inspection Center.

Production Environment

Taikoo Sugar’s plants are all air-conditioned and strictly monitored, with temperature and humidity controlled to be under 25°C and 60% respectively. All staff must sanitise their hands, put on latex gloves and wear clean protective clothing including hair nets, and shoes before entering the production area. The production area, equipments and machineries are cleaned and sterilised regularly to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Finished Products

All finished products are stored separately from raw materials. The temperature and humidity in our warehouses are strictly monitored and controlled. Taikoo Sugar maintains the first in, first out principle for inventory management.