• 1.What is unrefined raw sugar?  

    Unrefined raw sugar is extracted from natural sugarcane. It undergoes minimal processing therefore, many of the nutrients such as Calcium, Potassium and iron are retained from the natural sugarcane. 

  • 2. What is Glycemic Index?  

    Glycemic index is the ranking of foods on a scale based on how much they raise blood glucose level. It reflects the absorption rate of human’s carbohydrate intake. Food with Low Glycemic index can slow down carbohydrate digestions and absorption rate in our system so in turn it can help stabilizes the rise in blood glucose level.  It makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

  • 3. How to keep sugar in good condition?  

    It is best to keep your sugar in a sealed container because sugar tends to harden when it is exposed to moisture.  This happens when you place your sugar product in a high humidity environment.  Lumps are formed when the sugar turns moist and then the surface dries.  

  • 4. Where can we purchase your products?  

    Majority of our products are available in most of the supermarkets. If you are unable to locate a certain product please leave us a message in the Question and answer box or contact us by phone at (852) 2831 9600. 

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